PURASYS Vibrafoam and Vibradyn

PURASYS vibrafoam and vibradyn provides effective protection against vibrations and shock.


This high-tech PUR elastomer can be placed as an isolating, area mat between the structural components, as cut sections matching the relative structural component geometry, and also as a tailor-made moulded part. We can offer you a wide program of 13 standard materials and the facilities for the production of special types in various colours and thicknesses according to your requirements.


PURASYS vibradyn is a closed-cell elastomer and it is made of a special kind of polyetherurethane. Thanks to its structure, this material absorbs almost no fluids and can therefore be used in pressing groundwater. We can offer you 7 standard materials as well as the possibility of producing special types in many colours and thicknesses.

Improvement of market value

Enhanced life and workplace quality

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