Flexicel Crea

We manufacture and commercialize products of the highest quality. Under the motto a raw material for various applications, the R & D & I department tries and tests the raw materials used to design innovative products.
From Grupo Flexicel we put into practice the 3R REDUCE, RECYCLE AND REUSE rule. During the manufacturing processes, we offer products where eco-friendly materials have been used.  We design smaller packages, adjusting ourselves to the maximum to the dimensions of the products and discarding packaging that does not allow its reuse.
Thanks to the use of the most advanced technology in our sector, we can perform a wide variety of machining on the various materials that we work and offer to the industrial market effective solutions to any project that we consider. The high qualification of our team, accumulated experience, continuous adaptation of our way of working to the latest quality standards and a permanent policy of reinvestment of most of the resources generated, have allowed us to reach a current position of leadership In the Iberian market and to  export to other countries in Europe, Africa and South America.