Flexi ~ Ohms conductive gasket

The Flexi ~ Ohms gasket is an innovative product that has the ability to conduct electricity and achieve an electrical resistance equal to or less than 1 Ohm. Thus preventing metal and electronic elements from becoming charged and eliminating possible gas leaks that could cause a fire or explosion. In addition, it is also a water, dust and gas tight seal, making it ideal for various applications.

Flexi~Ohms, conductive gaske

A process of microcellular joints has been developed using pieces or weather stripping with or without adhesive and subsequently an insertion is made with filament with conductive treatment of different alloys, according to the requirements.

Weatherstrip sealed against dust, water and gases. This gasket prevents possible gas leaks that could cause a fire or explosion.

We know how important it is to keep equipment in optimal condition and Flexi ~ Ohms is perfect for server cabinets.

It can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials and finishes, including weather stripping, hinged parts or frames by die-cutting or CNC processes. Flexi~Ohms is a versatile and adaptable solution for many different applications in various industrial sectors.

Perfect for server cabinets

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