Flexicel is part of Mas inn habitat, a consortium of companies with a common goal: to provide solutions in a comprehensive and sustainable way to the contract, retail and residential channels.

In Mas inn habitat currently has manufacturing and service companies aimed at professionals in the world of architecture and design. The synergies between them, which include architects, interior designers and designers, as well as construction and equipment companies, allow Mas inn habitat to operate on a 360-degree stage, always with a commitment, quality and cost control aimed at achieving Full customer satisfaction.

Next to Flexicel, there are leading companies in their sectors such as: Art Horeca, Azulejos Carceller, Cerlat, Ecus, Kobert-in, Omio Lighting, Poalgi, She, Tecnisteel, Topciment, Vergés, Vidreglass and Voolcan

Flexicel within the Mas inn habitat consortium, develops acoustic, thermal, and waterproof solutions tailored for all projects, of floors, walls and ceilings, both indoors and outdoors.