Time for change

Madrid | 04/19 | 09:00 to 12:45
Hotel NH Príncipe de Vergara
C / Príncipe de Vergara, 92


The buildings, despite being composed of inert materials, as a whole are alive.

For this reason, maintenance is increasingly necessary during the life of the building and why not say it, it is increasingly necessary to carry out reforms, so that these buildings remain alive and active, not to mention the integral rehabilitations , changes in use, recovery of patrimony and many other actions necessary to promote regeneration and urban renewal and the updating of cities and buildings.

Basic aspects such as accessibility, efficiency, comfort, technological integration and many others are demanded today as fundamental requirements of the new life of our buildings.

Will, technique, new materials and new systems must lay the foundation for the current real estate park to be rehabilitated with criteria of maximum energy efficiency and under the principles of Universal Accessibility.


  • State of the current real estate park.
  • Access to rehabilitation aids.
  • The importance of a good structural diagnosis.
  • The energetic and acoustic rehabilitation.
  • Technical talk by LUMELCO
  • Solutions of Techniques
  • Innovative solutions vs traditional solutions.
  • Continuous monitoring during the execution of the work to address the unavoidable contingencies
  • Technical talk by EQUITONE
  • Technical talk by EURONIT
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation and change of use.
  • The importance of universal accessibility.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the construction process in the works phase during the drafting of the rehabilitation project.
  • Technologically advanced solutions.
  • Technical talk by FLEXICEL

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