ACUSTICFLAT® ECO and AIR are decorative acoustic panels for walls and ceilings.

ACUSTICFLAT®, is a sound absorption treated with natural pigments, which in turn makes acoustic and soundproofing.

Thanks to its technical characteristics we manage to reduce and control environmental noise pollution and increase the comfort and well-being of people in rooms or establishments both inside and outside.

Acoustic absorber



Moisture resistant

ACUSTICFLAT® wants to make a difference with its pigmented decorative acoustic panels and exclusive models, thus eliminating ECOS and REVERBERATIONS or annoying noises.

ACUSTICFLAT® and its acoustic panels pigmented in flat colors and images, adapt to the existing environment of the romos or establishments.

FLEXICEL CREA offers acoustic advice and how to adapt the acoustic panels to the current decoration with customized designs.

The ECO version is for indoor use and the AIR version is for outdoor use.

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